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Our Philosophy

What's in a name? For us, it's our entire approach.

Our methodology is derived from game theory's concept of 'Pure Strategy', which is a comprehensive, adaptable framework designed to navigate any challenge—from disruptive competitors to market volatility to technological advancements.

Just as each game of chess has 400 possible positions after two moves, each organization has a multitude of potential strategies. We're here to help you find the one that's uniquely yours. Our focus on individualized, adaptable planning isn't just philosophy; it's our commitment to you.

But we go beyond the theoretical. We help you navigate an ever-changing landscape with strategic clarity, empowering you to face any challenge and build a resilient future.

Our Mission

At Pure Strategy, our mission is to ignite positive change, harnessing the transformative power of technology to solve society's most pressing challenges. We've worked in peacekeeping, global health, renewable energy, education, national security, and many others.

Our approach transcends fleeting trends; it's an interdisciplinary fusion of past wisdom and future possibility that builds a future that is resilient, ethical, fair, and collaborative.

From near-future imperatives like encouraging sustainability, reducing global conflict, and helping people lead healthier lives, to far-future concepts like farming on Mars and building mobile cities, we believe in being a catalyst to create a society that is not only ready for what's next but empowered to create their own next.

What Sets Us Apart

Co-creators, Not Consultants

Co-creators, Not Consultants +

We don't just complete projects; we come to you with ideas to expand your impact.

Our suggestions have amplified our clients' impact, leading to authentic strengthened connections with customers and world-class technology and intellectual property development.

Multidisciplinary Mastery

Multidisciplinary Mastery +

Our lens extends beyond technology to incorporate culture, history, and human behavior.

By understanding the intersectionality of these elements, we've advised on everything from renewable energy adoption to women's health across diverse cultures and continents.

Ethical by Design

Ethical by Design +

Our commitment to ethical practices isn't an afterthought—it's integral to our approach.

From participating in global governance standards to guiding both startups and established organizations through ethically sound digital transformation, we set the bar high.

Trusted for Critical Insights

Trusted for Critical Insights +

Our credibility goes beyond our expertise; it's built on trust.

We've been chosen by some of the world's most discerning organizations to deliver insights on complex, sensitive topics including peacekeeping and national security.

Leading the Tech Conversation

Leading the Tech Conversation +

We're not just in the business; we're shaping the dialogue.

Top-tier publishers and media companies ahve worked with us to reach (and teach) millions.

Making Technology Relevant for Everyone

Making Technology Relevant for Everyone +

We don't just talk about democratizing technology; we make it happen.

Whether it's through educational workshops, open-source initiatives, or making complex tech topics understandable for the general public, our work ensures that the impact of technology is as widespread as it is profound.

Navigating the Future, Rooted in the Present

Navigating the Future, Rooted in the Present +

Our foresight allows us to tackle today's challenges with tomorrow's possibilities in mind.

This balanced perspective empowers our clients to make decisions that have both immediate impact and long-term relevance.

Cultural and Historical Context in Tech

Cultural and Historical Context in Tech +

With a deep respect for the long arc of history and the vibrance of culture, we contextualize technology's role in society.

Our influence extends to prominent media platforms, where our contributions have shaped public discourse.

Some key stops along our journey

Pure Strategy is founded with a vision for a tech-enabled, equitable future.
February 2016
Image Pure Strategy commits to advancing ethical technology through standards development as part of the inaugural ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 42 Artificial Intelligence committee, contributing to the very first international standards for AI.
June 2017
Launch of ANIE (Automated Neural Intelligence Engine), one of the first language models to use a foundational model with fine-tuning. ANIE is applied to data for clients across diverse sectors including pharmaceuticals, retail, and banking.
December 2017
Image Winner of the Start-Up Canada Women Founders in STEM Grant for our innovation in AI.
October 2018
Image Pure Strategy is chosen as one of Canada's Top Tech Companies and invited to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
February 2019
Expanded ANIE's capabilities to include typology creation and choice modeling. ANIE is first used with global reach in healthcare with data collection on treatments for rare blood diseases among physicians in 7 countries across 3 continents.
April 2019
Pure Strategy's ANIE tackles patient decision-making via a global study on women's health with physicians and patients in 8 countries on 3 continents.
January 2020
Image Launched 'Immersive Edventures' product line with TED Ed, starting with an educational video on How AI Learns.
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March 2021
Image Winner of VentureBeat's Women in AI Entrepreneur Award; profiled in VentureBeat magazine.
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July 2021
Pure Strategy's educational content on AI reaches students of all age ranges, from K-12 classroom resources to university courses, and professional training.
December 2022
Our contributions to educational media segments on PBS, Discovery, and others reach over 3 million people, enriching public discourse across a broad spectrum of subjects—from new research in science to in-depth explorations of topics to future technologies.
December 2022
Launched our FutureTech Navigator service with a Fortune 50 client at a 1000+ invite-only opening keynote on Generative AI, underscoring our journey towards tech-driven transformation.
January 2023
Image Pure Strategy participates in the landmark 75th anniversary of United Nations peacekeeping alongside other contributing partners, an event that honors all those who work together in the cause of global peace, underscoring our shared commitment to resolving global challenges.
May 2023
Image Collaborated with TIME Magazine on the lead issue feature, A User's Guide to Generative AI, cover and issue visuals made with AI image generation tools, as well as a context-setting feature on the History of AI At Nearly 70, AI Comes of Age, emphasizing our commitment to making AI accessible to everyone and our belief that the significance of AI's rich history is the key to unlocking its future potential.
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October 2023

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